HAROPA shows its muscles 

The solutions developed as regards the handling and carriage of heavy lifts give HAROPA ports a real competitive advantage against competing ports. In 2013, 1,500 heavy lifts or out-of-gauge loads have thus benefited by specific means in terms of carriage and handling.

Your advantages:

  • reduction of transfers
  • competitive handling rates
  • service to a river hinterland extending beyond the Paris area
  • three possibilities of « direct port » maritime shipping: ro-ro regular services; container liner shipping services (daily departures, fixed and short transit times); Heavy Lift vessels chartered on demand

A partnership with more than 40 transport and handling professionals facilitates the processing of heavy-lift cargo and makes the offer competitive in terms of costs and quality, while supporting several innovating approaches in terms of loading / offloading of Out-of-Gauge (OOG) loads and creating an alternative to conventional transport (« break-bulk »).

A wide range of cargo-handling equipment 

Lift-On/Lift-Off handling: 

  • mobile or fixed cranes, 
  • sheer-legs or floating cranes,
  • gantry cranes,
  • Ships with derricks.

Roll-On/Roll-Off handling: 

  • quays equipped with Roll-on Roll-off ramps for direct transfer from road to water and water to road

Important: a « procedure for transit of heavy lifts » is to be respected for any transit through the quays of the Port of Le Havre Authority (GPMH). (link to the downloading procedure here).


“Navy Blue”, a river-sea equipment at the service of HAROPA 

Operated by Surveyfert company – handling of any type of cargo. 

Its specifications: 

  • Dimensions : 40x10 m,
  • Maximum load for packaging: 1,200 t in Ro-Ro handling,
  • Possibility of being equipped with a 450-tonne crane,
  • Ballastable at 700 cu. m./hour
  • Photo barge « Navy Blue » 


”Sheer-legs”, 650 T lifting capacity

Stéphane Le Goff, Manager of the CFS and project cargo department - Générale de Manutention Portuaire (GMP) company
An EDF stator, weighing 375 tonnes and measuring 12.70 m long and 4.20 m high arrived from Saint-Leu-D’Esserent on board the barge Exelmans. Transport Paris International (TPI), the freight forwarder and Worms, the shipping agent, participated in this transport operation whose principal was the ‘Agence logistique nationale EDF’. As soon as it was received on Le Havre ro-ro terminal, the load was operated by GMP. We have made all necessary manoeuvres for the transfer of the stator, that is: driving the sheer-legs, fastening and removing the load, and its installation on two heavy low-loader trailers. The load then left on board the barge-ship Terra Marique – specialised in the transport of heavy lifts – in order to be carried to Fécamp, and to be delivered by road to the EDF plant in Paluel.” 

Adequate infrastructures along the river Seine

31 berths for heavy lifts including 4 in partner ports

  • Le Havre : 13 berths for heavy-lift cargo
  • Rouen : 5 berths for heavy-lift cargo 
  • Ports of Paris : 9 berths for heavy-lift cargo 
  • Partner ports: Gron, Nogent-sur-Seine, Longueil-Sainte Marie and Saint-Leu-d'Esserent 

The river, the pathway for heavy lifts

Choosing the river mode on the river Seine corridor is a comprehensive solution with all specialised partners (freight forwarders, river charterers, customs, carriers…). The association between VNF and HAROPA offers the most pertinent logistics solutions in order to optimise the transit of heavy lifts (logo VNF).

Key advantages

  • Free traffic flow: 24/7
  • 0 limit in weight and volume, with ‘lo-lo’ and ‘ro-ro’ cargo-handling 
  • 0 specific regulations
  • 0 constraint of transport necessary


Flexible river solutions 

Patrick Maletras – Manager of the Industrial Projects Department at TRAMAR, a forwarding agent specialising in organizing the transport of heavy lifts and project cargo
River transport is ideal for all the companies specialising in sheet metal work, cable work and for siting industrial units. 
1st strong point: simple administrative procedures; streamlined regulations to dispatch loads at any time. 
2nd strong point, flexibility in use; as soon as a customer requests that we take care of a load, we can find the closest terminal and berth and find a solution tailored to everyone’s requirements.Service regularity makes it possible to load shipments on scheduled shipping services via Le Havre with great visibility on transport times. Last point, the customer catchment area has been extended until Gron in the ‘Yonne’ area.

High-performance solutions to industrial logistics challenges

Emmanuel Richard – Manager of Operations (Logistics and Industrial Packaging Division) at AltéAd, a global operator expert in the services to industry and the related activities of: Specialised and oversized Transport, Lifting & Cargo-handling, Logistics & Packaging, Industrial Transfer.
Our group has made the choice of a settlement in Le Havre for more than 5 years. The quality of the port equipment and its logistics connections, enable us to favourably meet the logistics issues of our industrial customers. AltéAd develops totally integrated solutions in import / export of heavy lifts. We carry on our policy of intensive investments on our multimodal platform in Sandouville, in order to take up the numerous challenges that are coming out.


Commercial Departement :

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