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HAROPA quality for all goods

Except for terminals dedicated to containers and certain sectors, most sea and river terminals perform general cargo-handling operations, bulk and conventional: drums, packages, cases, pallets, bundles, bolsters, bags, bales…

HAROPA – Port of Rouen is the French and European leader for handling equally well numerous industrial and agro-industrial trades. Its dedicated and specialised terminals receive the most diversified commodities: fertilizers, agricultural products, coal, sands, gravels, aggregates, peat, biomass, forestry and paper products, metallurgical and chemical products, heavy loads, oversized cargo…

  • #1 French port for West Africa: 10 liner shipping services, 20 departures per month
  • exports: public works machinery, manufactured goods, dangerous goods, goods  under controlled atmosphere, industrial projects, cereals, flour, malt, bulk goods…
  • imports: tropical timber, cocoa, coffee....
  • the only French port receiving barge-carrier ships.

HAROPA-Port of Le Havre especially handles project cargo, heavy cargoes, metallurgical products, coal, cements, gravels, sands, crushed stones … and fruit.

HAROPA-Ports of Paris constitute a high-quality network mainly dealing with public works and construction materials.


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