HAROPA, #1 French container port

Advantage HAROPA!

HAROPA offers its customers the benefits of an exceptional geographic location together with impeccable reliability:

  • Located at the entrance to North-western Europe, HAROPA is the first major European port complex called at for imports and the last for exports,
  • Maritime gateway to the Paris region, the largest consumer market in France and the 2nd largest in Europe; gateway to Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport, the leading European freight airport; to the International Market in Rungis, #1 world market for fresh products,
  • The leading French port complex and 5th biggest North-European port for containers: 2.6 million containers in the year,
  • HAROPA offers the shortest transit times for numerous destinations, 
  • Completely private container terminals, uncongested, with a single command centre for dockers and gantry crane operators,
  • Reliability equivalent to that of the best European ports, 20% productivity gain (source: shipping lines).

High-tech capacity

HAROPA proposes a "tailor-made" end-to-end container service offering:

  • Port infrastructure facilities in deep water: accessible 24/7 and all year through,
  • Port of call for giant containerships: 300 calls in 2013,
  • 10 maritime container terminals naturally linked to the river container terminals in the Paris region,
  • Continuity of service on the Seine corridor, from Le Havre to Rouen up to the gates of Paris,
  • ISPS-certified facilities (in Le Havre and Rouen),
  • ISO 28000 certification (security management, in Le Havre).

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