Chemistry & Energy


HAROPA ranks No. 1 in France and is one of the European leaders in energetic supply.

In addition, its installations and services for the chemicals sector support a first-rank chemicals hub in Europe, which has, in particular, a position as leader in the production of fertilizers, oils and additives and large capacity for refining and production of olefins, elastomers and plastics. 

A few figures

  • 23,8 million tonnes per year (2013) of crude oil
  • 19 million tonnes per year (2013) of refined products
  • 3,3 million tonnes per year of chemicals
  • 7 million sq. m. of storage of liquid bulk for chemistry and energy

Three XXL sites


HAROPA has 3 main sites for the reception of vessels in the sector:

  • the site of Le Havre equipped for the reception of crude oil and other liquid bulk cargo
  • the site of Antifer which accommodates super-tankers without any draught restriction
  • the sites of Rouen and Port Jérôme for chemical tankers

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Europe at your reach

  • Rail multimodal connections

HAROPA proposes a rail hinterland offer dedicated to conventional and chemical bulk transport:  more than 40 trains per week, including a specialised chemicals rail service which operates more than 10 trains per week to Belgium and the Netherlands.

  • River multimodal connections

HAROPA's river hinterland offer adapts to the demand of manufacturers and stakeholders in the chemicals and energy sectors (transport on demand or long-term contracts). HAROPA's partners especially operate 12 river barges of capacity 2,000 to 2,500 tonnes.

  • Pipeline connections

HAROPA has dense interconnections with several pipeline networks which link the ports on the HAROPA Seine corridor to industrial plants and consumer basins in France and Europe:

  • TRAPIL network (oil storage and distribution in the Paris region)
  • CEPS network (supply of fuel to the main European airports)
  • Interconnections Industrialists < > Stokers and inter-industrialists

Tailor-made services


HAROPA community offers a dedicated range of services adapted to the requirements of the chemical and energy supply chain.

  • dry and liquid storage
  • freight forwarders and organisers, freight agents
  • specialised carriers (liquid bulk, conventional or container packaged products)
  • repair, storage of empty containers, tank cleaning (road, rail, Iso Tank containers)
  • Steam heating, depressurising and neutralisation service providers
  • bagging, drum filling, cracking…
  • industrial waste collection
  • control, analysis laboratories

Safety first

HAROPA offers the highest safety guarantees available:

  • technological Risk Prevention Plan (PPRT in French) for the HAROPA areas Seveso classified as high threshold 
  • traceability of goods during passage through the port
  • specific tool  for management of hazardous substances (link to TIMAD)
  • specific safety procedures for container, chemicals and energy  terminals
  • HAROPA is the only holder in Europe of the ISO 28000 certificate


€ 245 million invested by LBC Sogestrol to consolidate its activities

 The specialist in Le Havre for storage, handling and packaging of hazardous liquid chemicals, LBC SOGESTROL is pursuing its extensive investment plan of € 245 million. Modernization and development of the port facilities are planned. At the end of the plan, scheduled for 2020, the company will have about 80,000 m3 more storage space, or a total of 500,000 m3. The work will also streamline its operating activities and improve the safety and environmental conditions on its sites. LBC SOGESTROL is asserting its market position as a key service provider for the chemical industry, enhancing the HAROPA supply chain and consolidating its chemical hub as the best-of-class in Europe.


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